AIVAF 2019

We are pleased to announce the final selected artists list for AIVAF 2019. Team Artpro and our honorable curator Tanzim Wahab did this incredible job to make this list from the huge number of application. We are happy to gather the entire video artist from the different corner of the world. Congratulation!!
AIVAF19 Selected Artist:
Abir Shome- Bangladesh
Alexander Isaenko- Ukraine
Avner Pinchover- Switzerland
Carles Pamies- Spain
David Anthony Sant- Australia
Firoz Mahmud- Bangladesh
Fran Orallo- UK
Guilherme Bergamini- Brazil
Jean-Michel Rolland- France
Johannes Christopher Gerard- Netherlands
Joacelio Batista- Brazil
Jiasrin Hoque- Bangladesh
Julio Velasco- Germany
Karan Shrestha- Nepal
Marco Valdivia- Peru
Mercedes Aqui- Mexico
Octavianus Frans- Indonesia
Sandrine Deumier- France
Sanjid Mahmud- Bangladesh
Sophia Moffa- UK
Sumana Akter- Bangladesh
Ushnish Mukhopadhyay- India
Vasilios Papaioannu- USA
Yasmin Jahan Nupur- Bangladesh
Zihan Karim- Bangladesh
Introduction | Artpro International Video Art Festival (AIVAF) will be the first contemporary exhibition showcasing thematic, conceptual and experimental video art & film within Bangladesh. Our aim is to promote and represent international contemporary video art to live audiences in Dhaka, Bangladesh with a yearly festival held in Bangladesh’s National Art Gallery, Shilpakala, Dhaka. The International Festival wishes to establish itself as an open space that experiments, identifies and critically examines the latest trends in the art world. Bangladesh will be the ambassador that will establish a shared space for contemporary video artists globally, showcasing and promoting video art and artists.
Aims and Objectives | AIVAF’s fundamental aim is to provide young artists with the opportunity to introduce themselves to a broad audience, advance their artistic carrer and create a networking platform within South Asia for talented artist with galleries, art critics and art collectors. Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to open up the art scene to the public in Bangladesh seeing it will be held in a major public gallery in Dhaka.
Brief description of project | The festival will include exhibitions, seminars and workshops of 100 selected artists and artisans from more than 20 countries with the invitation of over 12.000 visitors. AIVAF will be an inspirational event that will add to the growing art scene and culture appearing in Bangladesh, generating narratives and imageries that seek to inspire the communities across the city of Dhaka. The festival calls for the audiences to rethink their identity and reorient their thoughts on issues artists are raising today, with particular interest on issues related to cultural homogeneity to rethink and raise questions regarding it and its opposites such as cultural diversity and heterogeneity. Each artwork has within it interwoven the past, present and the future, of not only the person but also, their cultures and traditions. The community in Dhaka/Bangladesh is rich in history, traditions and cultures and each Bangladeshi artist have these interconnected within their artform, and most importantly with the present socio-political realities, different living traditions and past ritual activities in Bangladesh. Video art being a less recognized artform within art academies or institution in their academic calendar in Bangladesh, Artpro wants to develop a culture for video art in Bangladesh, and the AIVAF will work as a springboard for this vision.
Implementation of project | AIVAF is designed as week-long festival, the main activity being the exhibition that will be held in Shilpakala. In Addition to this there will be a series of workshops, artist talks, and panel discussions throughout the festival for the artists and people to take part in. the main theme pushed by Artpro within these activities is the one of Neighborhoods. Promoting further understanding between the artists and the audience.
THEME 2019 | Neighborhood
Every year the Artpro team chooses a theme on which to lead the coming events of the year. For 2019 Artpro has chosen ‘neighborhoods’ as a concept of a simultaneous geographic and ideological notion. We invite artist to think of neighborhoods in a wider light through a political, social and economic lens; as well as the more ordinary meaning of localized community. We consider neighborhoods and important part of a community, where the community can feel listened to with face-to-face interaction among its members. Within them residents seek to realize common issues such as: climate change, environmental pollution, urbanization, social inequalities, intolerance, criminality, terrorism, economic exploitation, immigration and much more. Within our world as it is now, where it is vital for our countries to create a new system for welcoming the increasing refugees who are escaping their countries due to war, political injustice and the now lingering climatic disasters, we ask to look towards ethnic neighborhoods who have been important in many past cities and present cities to contribute towards social cohesion and role model for rural and urban migration.
Time frame of project | The festival will run from the 22nd to the 29th of November 2019
Basis of the project | Video art is an art form which relies on using video technology as a visual and audio medium. Video art emerged during the late 1960s as new consumer video technology such as video tape recorders became available outside corporate broadcasting. Video art can take many forms: recordings that are broadcast; installations viewed in galleries or museums; works streamed online, distributed as video tapes, or DVDs; and performances which may incorporate one or more television sets, video monitors, and projections, displaying live or recorded images and sounds. There are several open calls out on different international and local platforms out at the moment, at the deadline the board of curators and organizers of the AIVAF will decide on the successful candidates. We are expecting to select around 50 international and local artists for the main exhibition, between these there are few selected artists who will be running the workshops, artist talks, and panel discussions. Of the confirmed artists are Sophia Moffa, from (IT/UK); Mahbubur Rahman; Teyba Begum Lipi (BD); S K Goswami Bhatt (INDIA), Syed Manzoorul Islam.
Who is the target audience? | This festival is open to everyone, where the exhibits will bring to the public new visions, cultures
and thinking patterns in the hopes that creating such a festival will add to the community though new learnings and experiences. AIVAF will not only benefit the public and the local community but will also greatly benefit the local art scene. This platform will work as a promotional network for local and international artists practicing in video art but also in other mediums to connect the art scenes to each other and create an understanding on the benefits of learning from the art or others. Artpro ensures the channeling of new thoughts between communities, faiths, cultures and people. Artpro believes that AIVAF will be a platform where artists from all backgrounds and countries of origin can join with all types if living artistic traditions to create a magnificent local event with global as well as local narratives of diversity, social harmony and peaceful coexistence of communities and religions besides promoting artistic innovation integrated into them.
AIVAF19 | Artpro International Video Art Festival 2019 Team


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