Born 'Cuadrats' video art magazine

The Center of Documentation and Research of Video Art in Spain (CIDV), launches a campaign to seek support and partners, for the first Specialized Magazine in Video Art "CUADRATS", the name is given as tribute to the figure of Domingo Sarrey (pioneer of video art in Spain). The magazine is supported by the Museum C.A.V. La Neomudejar.
As a result of archival work and research, we consider that VIDEO ART is one of the disciplines with more drive and creativity in the NEW MEDIA ARTS. That is why with the cooperation between researchers, critics, artists, and curators we have decided to launch a magazine of 54 pages in full color, printed, with a rigorous selection of articles by experts in the field to which other national and international voices will be added.
For this FIRST issue, we have articles by Magaly Espinosa, Angela Bonadíes, Fernando Renjifo, Alicia Aza, Pancho Lopez, Jose Ramon da Cruz, Marta Azparren, among others. Many universities are launching Master of Creation in Video and the formation of new audiences also involves the dissemination, publication, and recognition of those who in one way or another are part of this great family that is the video artists.
The magazine will be published semi-annually and has national distribution in the best points of sale including La Central, FNAC, or Museum bookstores, such as Reina Sofia, Macba, CCCB, La Neomudejar, etc.
Number Zero will be presented to Media this 19th of June at 12:30 at the La Neomudejar Museum, you are invited.



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