Engauge Experimental Film Festival

“Engauge,” an experimental film festival based in Seattle, WA, and now in its second year, invites you to submit your work originating on film. Engauge was founded to highlight and augment the Lightpress Grants. Offered twice yearly by our primary sponsor, the Interbay Cinema Society, Lightpress Grants help filmmakers with the funding to professionally digitize their films. In keeping with our mission, “Engauge” will consider only films that began on celluliod.
That means that somewhere in the film making process, you the filmmaker actually worked directly with celluloid, either by loading film into a camera and shooting it, or looking through and selecting found film footage, or directly scratching, painting or drawing onto or collaging footage as direct animation, or photogramming objects onto film.
We will screen most films in a digital format, but we can also accept 16mm and 35mm film prints for exhibition.
Engauge was founded by two Seattle artist/filmmakers working in 16mm and 35mm. We favor DIY techniques, matte box experiments, in-camera editing, found footage collage, direct animation, hand- and eco-processing, optical printing, pin-hole exposures, laser printing onto film, various analogue hacks, etc.
Contact: Caryn Cline, engauge [at] interbaycinemasociety.org
Deadline: July 1 2019
Exhibition date: November 7 2019 - November 9 2019



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