China Private Museums Starting With a New Satellite Space in Berlin

One of China’s Biggest Property Developers Launches the Times Art Center Berlin With Plans to Expand.
“There is no business agenda here,” Cai Nikita Yingqian reassured journalists at the opening of the Times Art Center Berlin. Cai, who is the chief curator of the Guangdong Times Museum in South East China, faced an apprehensive audience on Friday, November 30, many irked by its new Berlin satellite’s links to one of China’s biggest property developers.
Over the past decade museums in Europe have been keen to send exhibitions to China and Paris’s Center Pompidou held protracted talks to open a Shanghai satellite before signing a deal this year for a pop-up space with the West Bund Group. The Times Property Group has reversed the trend, starting with a relatively modest space by Chinese standards. In Guangzhou, the Rem Koolhaas-designed Guangdong Times Museum forms a bridge between luxury high-rise apartments. Times Property, part of a RMB100 billion ($14 billion) conglomerate, is one of the main sponsors of the Guangzhou Triennial.
by Hili Perlson
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