Ballet de la Nuit

The International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy is pleased to present a new collective work of screendance, a durational 13 hour omnibus film inspired by Le Ballet royal de la Nuit of 1653, a one-time performance ritual, during which the young Louis XIV at age 15 danced the role of Apollo, emerging as the Sun King at the end of a long performance. This new project features hour-long segments created by 13 different teams of artistic collaborators who revisit, challenge, or pay tribute to the various cycles of the long ballet through diverse styles of contemporary dance and filmmaking, including contributions from screendance creators: Alessandro Amaducci (Italy), Adianna Apodaca (United Kingdom), Richard James Allen & Karen Pearlman (Australia), Franck Boulègue (France), Mihaela Griveva (Ireland/Bulgaria), Marisa C. Hayes (France), Nina Kay (Denmark), Blas Payri (Spain), Elisabet Sveinsdottir (Iceland), Reka Szucs (Hungary), Yotam Calo Livne (Israel/Italy), Aurore Biry (France), Indira Brigido and Ariel Volkova (Brazil),and will debut in the medieval castle of the Centre Culturel International de Cerisy-la-Salle in Normandy on May 17, 2018. New musical compositions that re-imagine each hour-long segment of the Ballet de la nuit have been created by an array of international composers, including: Martin Laliberté (France/Canada), Morteza Kasravi (Iran), Ewan Stefani (United Kingdom), Amy Brandon (Canada), Girilal Baars (Sweden), David Snow (United States), Julie Mondor (France), Adrian Laugsch (Poland/Germany), Austin Yip (Hong Kong), Ola Turkiewicz (Poland), James Hazel (Australia), and Panayiotus Kokoras (Greece). The project will tour to Spain and Ireland in autumn 2018 and is available for screening at interested venues. The International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018. Its previous omnibus films of screendance Sacre/ilèges – Le Sacre du Printemps (2013), Open Borders (2015), and Danses Macabres (2016) have been featured in festival retrospectives throughout the year and are also available for screening.


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