Platforms Project 2018

Platforms Project 2018 is an international Art Fair for artist-run galleries, project spaces and other artists' initiatives. The Platforms Project will be presented for sixth consecutive year, and it will be the largest event until now, featuring 57 platforms from 17 countries, 41 cities. With hundreds of artists it will create a global network. MUU Galleria, the only participant from Finland, has been invited to participate for the fourth time in the Art Fair.
Platforms Project 2018 will be presented from 17 to 20 May 2018 at the “Nikos Kessanlis” Exhibition Hall of the Athens School of Fine Arts, including a rich and multifaceted program of performances, presentations, lectures and workshops by the participating teams. The aim of the Platforms Project is to be the core of creativity, showcasing the pioneering positions in art, and to develop relationships between the platforms.
At the fair, MUU Galleria will present, in collaboration with the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), video art curated by children. The seven featured artists / groups are Jessica Koivistoinen, Anni Nykänen, Virve Kulmala, Laura Pakarinen, Teemu Raudaskoski, Jukka Silokunnas and Airbakers (Tuuli Toivola & Ninni Wager). The selection was made by a jury composed of school children from Salo for the 2017 SILMÄNJUHLA event and was presented in the Salo Art Museum. The jury was assisted by Regional Artists Hannele Romppanen (Office of Turku), and Marjaana Jaranne (Helsinki, main Office) from Arts Promotion Centre Finland, with artist Risto-Pekka Blom.
“HYRSKYNMYRSKYN” by the Airbakers group (Tuuli Toivola and Ninni Wager) is a stop motion animation in which the insides of a home start to move and flow over the floor and walls. The storm raging inside the house may seem wild, but it can also be seen as playful, and if you dive into it you can take a closer look at the nature of change.
“MO(VE)MENTS” by Jessica Koivistoinen depicts a world that is full of wildly wriggling lines, a hypnotic swirl of patterns and shapes, surfaces that are full of swirling dots and endless tunnels just waiting to suck you in.
Anni Nykänen’s video “EN NÄÄ ENÄÄ NENÄÄ” features a terrifying cloud of perfume that takes over the entire room. Matilda’s nose grabs a friend and makes its escape! Matilda has to come up with a devious plan to get the noses back.
Virve Kulmala’s (nee Nyyssönen) video poem “SANANEN SANASTA” explores the meanings of words, their diversity and the richness of language.
Depression is sometimes called a black dog. It can be comforting to give a tangible shape to a feeling or an illness, it can help you get the upper hand of something that is otherwise uncontrollable. “BLACK DOG, A WINTERTALE” by Laura Pakarinen explores the sometimes frightening emotions of children and young people.
Teemu Raudaskoski’s “KEVÄTTULET” is a journey in images and sounds into that wonderful and even a little mysterious feeling in the spring when darkness begins to make way for light. When the fires of spring are lit, colours start to bloom!
“YDINPERHE (Nuclear Family)” by Jukka Silokunnas is a stop motion animation about a toy box.


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