Mountain Scene, Sha Ren and Beheaded Stream

Taiwanese artist Liang Tian-yu’s solo exhibition, Mountain Scene, Sha Ren and Beheaded Stream, is an investigative art project that takes on the history of conflict between the Atayal and the Hakka people living in a mountainous region in Taoyuan. The project focuses on an alleged incident during the Qing Dynasty that involved a murderous beheading, and the mediation of local deities. Liang revisits the alleged site of the murder and seeks to understand the incident using local temple records, local myths and the memories of elderly residents. The project is presented as a series of video installations that reinterpret the story from different perspectives. On the first floor of the show, the sound of a rooster crows in an open field, alluding to a local myth that the Earth God once descended unto earth in the form of a rooster to scare away the Atayal people. The second floor retraces locations around the incident that were later named after the murder. The final floor presents the artist’s imagination of hell.
Waley Art, 6, Ln 322, Wanda Rd, Taipei City



2019/ Magmart | design & development:studio tad