10th edition | 2016/2017
Christian Marclay

Munch meets manga in artist Christian Marclay’s new Hong Kong show Screams
Find out what makes the Swiss-American cut-and-paste artist behind award-winning The Clock tick
Since he was a child, growing up in Switzerland, the artist Christian Marclay has loved to cut and paste. Collage is his speciality: he forages for familiar images, splices them together and creates something other. Usually, sound is involved even if – sometimes especially if – you can’t actually hear it. He likes to combine the visual with the aural so that both senses feel dislocated.
One of his early projects, in 1985, was Record Without a Cover, which was exactly that: a vinyl record sold without the usual protection. Older readers will recall the physical gleam of those quaintly grooved objects. Marclay’s idea was
that, exposed to the world’s fingerprints and dustiness, a record would sound different over time. The record included a lengthy silence and customers – used to pristine packaging – found its unclad appearance visually jarring. That was, partly, the point.
by Fionnuala McHugh
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