10th edition | 2016/2017
The Plan

A Look at ESRT’s 76-Foot Video Ceiling at 250 West 57th Street
When Anthony Malkin, the chairman and chief executive officer of Empire State Realty Trust, set out to renovate the 537,839-square-foot office building at 250 West 57th Street last year, he wanted a lobby on its own to attract higher paying tenants.
“I did not want to do another white lobby, I didn’t want to do another black lobby,” Malkin told Commercial Observer. “I didn’t want plants or a water feature. We wanted to do something that had never been done. And we didn’t want to have one big piece of art. We wanted something special, unique—something that is alive.”
What his company came up with is a large screen that spans the majority of the ceiling in the lobby and shows a vibrant array of colors and images. The 75.7-foot-long and 7.8-foot-wide LED screen, created by VER, alone cost $2.5 million of the $21 million building renovation. It will be officially revealed at an event this week. The high definition screen displays 6.7 million pixels and functions with two processors.
by Liam La Guerre
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