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The artist: Laurel Beckman

Laurel Beckman [United States]
Laurel Beckman’s video-animations and public projects investigate perceptual phenomena, stage & screen space, science & consciousness, and affect. Beckman’s projects have screened in festivals, public spaces, museums and galleries throughout the world in over 30 countries including the USA, Peru, Canada, Italy, Palestine, France, Australia, India, Brazil, Switzerland, China, Iran, Spain, and the Netherlands. She is a professor of Experimental Video/Animation and Public Practices at the University of California Santa Barbara, USA.

FINGERING THE DRIFT - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
LITTLE WEST - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
BIG WEST - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
MOON (FOR ALAN) - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
IT'S STONEWALL IN MY NAVEL - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
NUT - 8th ed. [read synopsis]



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