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The artist: Alberto Nacci

Alberto Nacci [Italy]
Born in Trapani (Italy) in 1957, he lives and works in Bergamo since 1982.
Formerly Professor of Sound Design at the Fine Arts Academies of Bergamo and Brescia, after a long activity as a jazz musician (tenor saxophone) with numerous record productions and a rich concert activity dedicated to the production of documentaries of art and culture and video art works with numerous international awards in Europe, USA, Asia.
He has made numerous filmographic works in collaboration with artists such as Philip Corner, Viveka Assembergs, Jill Mathis, Chris Gilmour, Mario Benedetti, Trento Longaretti, Paolo Ghilardi, Dietelmo Pievani, Roberto Ciaccio, Maura Cantamessa, Giovanna Bolognini, Manuel Bonfanti and architects Mario Botta and Paolo Belloni.
Since 2014 he has been working on a series of short films in b / w, on the relationship between musicians and their musical instruments, titled Body & Sound with the collaboration of important Italian and foreign musicians: Paolo Fresu, Claudio Fasoli, Israel Varela, Claudio Angeleri, Marco Giovanetti , Livio Gianola, Alessandra Doninelli, Sergio Arturo Calonego, Giulio Visibelli, Stefano Bertoli, Marco Gamba, Gabriella Mazza, Paola Milzani, Caterina Comeglio, Elena Biagioni, Simona Zambetti and flamenco dancer Cristina Benitez with whom she won important festivals in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Bellingham, London, Paris, Melbourne, Barcelona, ​​Calcutta and ... even in Alaska. In 2019 I created the JAZZinPROGRESS docufilm with the collaboration of Uri Caine, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Dave Douglas and Gianluigi Trovesi.
Since 1996 he has been the owner of ajpstudios specialized in the production of musical films, documentaries of art and culture and video art works.

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