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The artist: Simon Šerc & Martina Testen

Simon Šerc & Martina Testen [Slovenia]
Martina Testen works in the field of video and contemporary art practices. Her artwork incorporate various aspects of digital video and photography into projections, while maintaining a focus on the conceptual aspects of defining moments in time. Recently Martina participated at the festival Numerique e Poetique in France, Videofestival Natures in Slovenia and presented her sound sculptures at the World Listening Project.

Simon Šerc is a sound and video artist, recording engineer, performer and label founder. He has participated on various festivals with his audio-video projects (Sound Thought, Black&White, Lieblichkeit und Sexualitat, DigitalBigscreen, Scanline, Art&Music, Break21, Expo2000, Echoes, Errant Bodies, Speculum Artium, Sguardi Sonori etc.) He is the founder of the Pharmafabrik production and label, which, according to music critics – significantly enriches Slovenian audio diversity with its consistent and clearly defined methodology of sound explorations.

BEFORE THE EYES - 11th ed. [read synopsis]



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