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The artist: Alexandra Bouge

Alexandra Bouge [France]
I'm a filmmaker, plastic artist and poet. I’m graduate of the University of Plastic Arts and Communication, in Sorbonne. This year I have been selected to the Macau International Video Art Festival - VAFA 2018, MUFF, Marseille Underground Film & of Winnipeg, to the Rebel Minded Festival, New York, Leyden Gallery and Péniche du Cinéma in Paris.
My films nettles « Passing » show the passing from a state to another, from birth to death and from death to birth.

PASSAGE (MUSICIAN: KRISNA SETIAWAN) - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
PASSAGE (MUSICIAN: HSIN-CHUN CHOU) - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
PASSAGE (MUSICIAN: ALESSANDRO DE CECCO) - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
THE FIRE CEREMONY - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
ZANGBETO MASK - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
- 11th ed. [read synopsis]
VOODOO - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
PROCESSION - 11th ed. [read synopsis]



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