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The artist: Mike Celona

Mike Celona [United States]
Mike Celona is a Media Artist and VJ from Rochester, NY whose work has been shown around the world at festival, museum and gallery exhibitions over the past 15 years. In addition to exploring the unique textural and technical properties of the video medium itself through synthesis and live manipulation, he is also keen on remixing found footage as a form of media ecology that breathes new life into otherwise neglected, forgotten and/or discarded found images by constructing surreal improvised collage narratives that give them renewed context in the present. Recently his work has been featured twice on “Here Comes Everybody”, a video art anthology television series broadcast on public access stations in Los Angeles and other West Coast markets as well as the upcoming FILE Electronic Language International Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil as part of the Hypersonica program in July 2017.

LEGENDARY VARIATIONS - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
U CONDUIT - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
NIGHT TERRORS - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
WALLFLOWERS - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
DETOUR 3 - A REQUIEM FOR THE CATHODE RAY TUBE - 6th ed. [read synopsis]
DETOUR 2 - 6th ed. [read synopsis]
DETOUR 1 - 6th ed. [read synopsis]



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