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The artist: Lisi Prada

Lisi Prada [Spain]
A visual artist based in Madrid, she holds a 5 year university degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as well as additional studies in different areas. In his creative work, from minimal resources against the empowerment of perfect machines [near at an Arte Povera position], she is interested in a search for balance between conceptual and sensory, between ethics and aesthetics; also, she uses linguistic polyvalence as a resource for simultaneous multiple layers of meaning. She showed for the first time publicly in 2009 one of his video creations that received a special mention at the Spanish Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences, an honor which was after continued by other awards in genres like Videoart [Transfera and MADATAC. MNCARS, 2011], Abstract Art in Motion [Punto y Raya. MNCARS, 2011] or Poetry Film [ZEBRA. Babylon Kino, Berlín, 2012]. She has had three solo exhibitions in Spanish galleries, and has participated in group shows, screenings and festivals in numerous countries [over thirty].

ALMOST INVISIBLE [TWO POEMS TO SYRIA] - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
UNISON - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
SCOPIC DRIVE [DERIVA ESCóPICA] - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
ELECTRONIC WATER - 9th ed. [read synopsis]



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