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The artist: Jason Moyes

Jason Moyes [United Kingdom]
Artist’s statements

I am a film maker based in the Scottish Borders, with a particular interest in experimental film and artists’ moving image. In my work I am drawn to the idea of challenging traditional notions of sublime beauty in landscape by focussing on its unloved corners. My work is also informed by the notion of presenting traditional narratives through nonrepresentational forms of visual and sonic abstraction - psychologising the image, while challenging traditional viewer perceptions of what story is and might be. The juxtaposition of representing sounds traditionally associated with rural landscapes with vintage synthesizer emulators is of particular interest. At the heart of my work is an ongoing curiosity of what lies beyond the hills, trees and fields of the Borders countryside and I am inspired by the idea that exciting things can be discovered at the end of an overgrown path, beyond a locked gate, or in an abandoned place.


Jason Moyes gained an interest in short film in 2007 after producing no budget DIY music videos for his band, Vacuum Spasm Babies. He has worked in a range of creative roles including radio producer and presenter, music journalist and photographer. He worked on cult music and alternative culture magazine Sun Zoom Spark, has produced content for and had his band played on BBC 6 Music and until recently presented a weekly music show on community radio. His experience working creatively with sound and other media has informed his work and although he has gone beyond producing music videos he still embraces the DIY approach to film making. Jason is a founding member of the Scotland based Moving Image Makers Collective.

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