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The artist: Milu Grutta

Milu Grutta [Spain]
Milu Grutta grew up on classical music, jazz and literature, and studied the arts extensively as both musician and photographer in Italy and the USA, working in events, production and team management at Travis Bass Events in NYC. Over the years he has delved into history and sociology, alternative medicine, bioenergy, movement and martial arts, travelling the world and learning Tantra, meditation and dance.
In 2003 he founded K37 in Berlin, an international collective of artists from different disciplines; dedicated to the production of documentaries, fiction, events, concerts, performances and exhibitions. He was also the founder and president of the Sicilian Vero tour, a not for profit organisation devoted to education and sustainable tourism.
In 2009, Milu relocated to Ibiza, studying healing and community management, and developed the alternate reality game Spots - to heal players and build a new society.
After a short spell in Sicily to open a holistic retreat centre in 2012, has made Ibiza his permanent home, where he lives with his companion and their 7 years old daughter.

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