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The artist: Aitor de Miguel

Aitor de Miguel [Spain]
Aitor de Miguel, director, writer and producer of Velatorio(Barroco) (original Spanish, Funeral Wake (Baroque) in English), his sixth short film as director and producer, after a long career as a short filmmaker, with numerous selections, both national and international. Aitor started his career directing, writing and producing “Acaso Yo”, a short documentary filmed in Ethiopia in 2006, and winner of Fotofilm Calella and the Villa de Espartinas festivals. He studied at the School of Film and Theatre in Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal, and in the School of Performing Arts TAI, in Madrid, and began working as an editor of advertising spots and corporate videos for Indra, Sony-BMG or Tripictures upon completion of his studies. After starting his own production company, Cámara Lúcida Producciones, he shot his second short documentary “Defensora”, in various locations in Colombia, which was selected for more than 30 festivals, including Biarritz (France), Barcelona, San Francisco (USA), and Bogotá (Colombia), where it was awarded 4 first prizes. After a brief stay in Zaragoza, Aitor returned to Madrid and filmed “Encuentro”, his first foray into the world of fiction, taking on the roles of co-director, producer and editor. In January 2015, production of “Los Milagros Sí Existen” began, a fictional short film with surreal tones intended for the election campaign of the same year. “Primitivo”, another short documentary about the Camino de Santiago, is currently pending release. In February of 2016, he shot Velatorio (Barroco), with maximum engagement of all departments (art, photography, wardrobe, music) to achieve a short film that can be projected, by both technical and artistic standards, in any festival in the world.

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