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The artist: Arda Yalkin

Arda Yalkin [Turkey]
Born in 1974 in Ankara, Arda developed an interest in computers and rock'n'roll music when he was in secondary school. Commodore, Amiga, 8086 processors...

He studied electronics/computer science in high school, dropped out of two universities -Anadolu University, Tourism Department and Ankara University, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, Department of Archeology/Restoration- to be a musician. In 1999, he settled down in ─░stanbul that he had been commuting to play guitar. He worked on sound technology for a while, took an interest in video-animation-vfx and started making videos in 2004, realized numerous live video performances for many international musicians and festivals; contributed/directed concert DVDs, music videos and commercials for human-hungry companies.

Today, Arda continues producing 2D and 3D animations, stop-motion, synthesized sounds & images, live video performances using photography, video and interactive media and travel to many exhibitions and art fairs.

"In my works, I refer to unpleasant subjects such as power-people conflict, consumer society, assimilation, war, politics, religion and dissolution. Despite not grown up as an MTV kid, I attach great importance to the power, methods and intelligence of commercial ads, mainstream movies and mass media. The things I valued as a young university student are now transforming into consumer goods as I watch with awe.

My method can be described as reverse engineering. I like to provoke people. The capital and political power apply refined and well crafted communication techniques to exploit the people and I use their own methods to disturb them a little."

TIG GIBI - 10th ed. [read synopsis]



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