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The artist: John Sanborn

John Sanborn [United States]
John Sanborn is an award-winning, world-renowned media artist whose body of work reaches from the technological stone age of the 1970’s to the digital high-tech bleeding edge of today. His media work has manifested itself as television, media installations, games, Internet experiences and plain old video art.

John Sanborn was granted an honorary Masters of Cinema degree from ESEC, in Paris, and was named a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of France. John Sanborn lives in Berkeley California.

TASSEL - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
TASSEL - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
THE LONG WINTER - 9th ed. [read synopsis]
STEPPE MUSIC (EXCERPTS) - 9th ed. [read synopsis]
BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER RAG - 9th ed. [read synopsis]
DRUM NO FIFE - 9th ed. [read synopsis]
A SWEETER MUSIC | KYLE GANN | "WAR IS JUST A RACKET" - 9th ed. [read synopsis]
A SWEETER MUSIC | JEROME KITZKE | "THERE IS A FIELD" - 9th ed. [read synopsis]



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