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The artist: Venkata Sivakumar Kappala

Venkata Sivakumar Kappala [India]
A multidisciplinary artist working or inspired to the subject matters related to the surroundings. Works simultaneously between panting, Drawing, Video art etc. the surface Work of Art is figurative and much of common play. Men in the work are consistently medicates and the center of my work, beside the connection with the cosmos. The elements like the lotus plants, sensitive bulls yet energetic, flowers, and many such symbols are the composite on canvas. Line as the major base of art work and then comes the color. The elements like the lotus, snakes and bulls are the origin inspiration from Indian iconography, the surroundings and conventions. Video art is not parred distant but the presentation or thought of the surroundings. The visual language may vary but the attire tends to the surroundings. The public transit, school children, the house hold, struggle or social concerns etc are the themes to the video art work. The selected Bio are
Call4Robo, XLR8, International Video Art Festival, Bologna, Italy 2015
NodoCCS, International Video art Festival, Carcasas, Venezuela 2015 and 2016
Under the Subway video Art Night, NYC-Berlin, 20 June 2015
NOW&HERE = EVERYWHERE, MOMENT 14, International Video art project Sun, April 26 Internationally Kino Present, International Video Art Collaboration, UK, 2015Toride
International Video Projection Contest, Toride Station East- West acessway wall Japan 201415 sec

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