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The artist: Antonello Matarazzo

Antonello Matarazzo [Italy]
Antonello Matarazzo, painter and video artist. Since 2000 he has combined moving pictures with "still" ones taking part in many festivals (Mostra Cinematografica di Venezia, Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen Montpellier, Torino Film Festival, Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris, Invideo, Locarno ecc) some of them like Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires, Mostra del Nuovo Cinema in Pesaro and Signes de Nuit in Parigi, have proposed whole retrospectives of his works. The link between painting and video is the marked inclination to explore introspective and anthropological aspects. This feature of his work means that in many universities, such as Brera, Roma 1, Genova, Pisa and Cambridge, his works are shown as an educational tool in seminars and workshops. His work was showed the editions 53° and 54° of the Venice Biennale.

POLITIK - 11th ed. [read synopsis]
HAPPY ENDINGS - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
PNEUMA (TRIPTYQUE) - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
YOUR BODY IS YOUR BUDDHA - 10th ed. [read synopsis]
TRIBAL TRIBAL - 8th ed. [read synopsis]
9 - 06 - 83 - 8th ed. [read synopsis]
4B MOVIE - 8th ed. [read synopsis]
80 KG. IN MORTEM JOHANN FATZER - 8th ed. [read synopsis]



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