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From Canon to Cyborg

In the history of human civilization, the body has always had a significant role in culture and art, and Man has never stopped looking at himself - his own physical structure - before and more than anything else, till to imagine, and to represent, even the Gods in human form.
From the prehistoric callipigs venuses, to Botticelli's Born of Venus, to the anorexic models of the 21st century, even in the changing of the idea of beauty, this special attention to material, tangible himself, has never failed. And this cultural relationship with the body has marked the history of art.
But this relationship is not - or has ever been - exclusively aesthetic. The body has been and is a tool of work, and an expressive tool; and it was, and is, the subject of human intervention. From the earliest tattoos to aesthetic surgery and transplants, Man has never stopped acting on his body, trying to modify it.
And in this millennial dialectical relationship, which we could symbolically summarize in the arch that goes from the Dolier of Policleto to Molly by William Gibson, it encapsulates much of the cultural experience of the human species.

The 3ODI3S project invites artists to investigate this relationship, from classical antiquity - as represented in the arts - to the near future, tomorrow's cyborg, not only enriched with mechanics prostheses replacement, but with implemented expansive electronic grafts.
Participation is open, and it is possible through two way:

Between all the proposals received, no later than midnight on January 31, 2018, some ** will be selected to be part of the project, which will later be brought on tour around the world (as has happened for previous projects 100x100=900, F.I.V.E. and Foods).
Video works must be delivered no later than midnight on June 30, 2018. Works not received by that date, even if selected, will be excluded from the project.
Video must arrive by means of wetransfer (or similar), and must match the following technical characteristics (* important, do not submit videos that do not match these features!):

**(Actually, there isn't a defined amount of artworks to select; final decision will be taken on the basis of the quality of the artwork proposed. In any case, not less than 10 and not more than 20.)