Red forest {1986}

Agata Chiusano

assistant at photography: Marco di Niscia assistant at shoting: Pina Meriano assistant at addition of a soundtrack: Marco Coppola 1:23:00 h April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant reactor 4 exploded, contaminating water, soil and air with an impact 200 times greater than the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Next to Chernobyl there was a big forest. The fall-out from nuclear hit the forest, which became suddenly red copper and then died. Over the years, thanks to removal of man, life is taken up in the forest with a wide variety of animal species and botanical also caused by genetic mutations. In the video, the chemical reactions are shooting and used in the language of videopittura, illustrate the transformation of the molecular microcosm of the forest, and its rebirth in mysterious woods. Chernobyl even before they an environmental disaster and a human catastrophe, it was a mutation chemistry, a physical transformation and a biological revolution. What I meant to convey with this video is: the concept of beauty goes beyond by the human being, and life does not depend on our species, and often the balance is compromised by human presence. If the man is removed after a disaster, as happened in the red forest, life begins again. The human being is not the master but a guest. Until 2015 guaranteed the sarcophagus that seals the reactor 4. For the time has not yet done anything concrete to prevent further contamination.
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