Das Kleine Welten {1930}

Pasquale Napolitano (soundbarrier)

Das Kleine Welten, About 1930 a short film by Pasquale Napolitano sound design by Sec_ apect Ratio: HDV 1280x720 running time: 3' 13" audio and video samplers from: L'Age d'Or, Luis Bunuel, 1930 and: Der Blaue Engel, Josef von Sternberg, 1930 produced by: Soundbarrier from december 2012 to january 2013 In the midst of climate Bauhaus, Wassily Vasilyevich Kandinsky in 1930, painted in Dessau "Das Kleine Welten", literally: small worlds. In this little known but vital and visionary masterpiece, the soviet master constructs a kind of "social network analysis" before its time, a kind of representation bright and evident of the contemporary condition in which, the grand narratives represented as a whole unit is replaced by a rhizomatic mosaic, made ​​of fragmented microcosms that between them have relations of different nature. It is 1930. It is this cognitive mode open, unstructured, in which the work is a link to the world outside himself, which was designed the work of reflection audio-video on the year 1930: drawing imaginary universe and shared more popular of the period, such as the cinema, that are chosen the two most memorable scenes of the two most important films produced that year (in terms of illustrations, historical and aesthetic): l'Age d'Or (the movie-surrealist manifesto signed by Luis Bunuel, with, among others, Salvador Dalí and Max Ernst) and the Blue Angel (Der Blaue Engel, Josef von Sternberg, with Marlene Dietrich). Each of these sequences has been exported to individual frames, and, for each frame, have been associated, thanks to google search options, the twelve images in the network most similar in terms of configuration. Finally the original sequence is flanked the sequence so processed, composed of "enne the twelfth" frames per second. The result is just what fragmentary, synchronous and hypermedia provided by Kandinsky with his masterpiece, every image, in every parameter, it's a link, a reference in space and time to countless worlds, for countless "small worlds" in which lurk monads of meaning within this universe polysemic.
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