Votes for Women {1901}

Evelin Stermitz

1901 / Evelin Stermitz / Votes for Women Credits Sound, Hearth Dirge, Vocals and Electronics composed and performed by Elise Kermani, 2013. Text Excerpts, Woman Suffrage or The Child-Bearing Woman and Civilization by M.M. Mangasarian, 1901. Synopsis "Votes for Women" describes the beginning of a century within the women's suffrage movement of the first feminist wave. While the first Nobel Prizes were awarded in 1901 to men who achieved greatest benefit on mankind, women were neglected and their position has been far from being equal. Further, Queen Victoria passed away and the Victorian Era ended, Europe was in the process of new formations, while the anti-Semitic movement has been spread all over politics and in society. The images describe the dominance of male supremacy over public and intellectual life as well as a society in transition.
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