M.O.V.I.E. {1975}

Gérard Cairaschi

For the story, one of the major events of 1975 will end the war in Vietnam. For the cinema, experimental film and video art, the year 1975 was rich in works of major filmmakers and artists that I particularly admire: Andrei Tarkovsky, Artavazd Pelechian, Stanley Kubrick, Jonas Mekas, William Wegman and artist Michel Journiac, inventor of body art, the most famous performance is a Mass during which the rod makes with his own blood was used for communion instead of bread. The idea to gather and talk to these works in 1975 has naturally imposed on me for this project. Embed images of these works with the intuition to find or create the magic of editing, links and secret passages between these works. I discovered that all these works had a wonderful relationship with each other. Works so huge that I never dared me to divert appropriate, with infinite respect, no chance and the opportunity to work on this proposal in 1975. A constraint that has become a gift, a real pleasure. Serendipity also working on a 1975 project video art celebrating because this is the year that I've had for the first time in the hands of a video camera. The first exhibition of artworks videos of French artists in Paris took place in 74 and I am therefore part of the first generation of video artists French. The music that accompanies this set is for me one of the most powerful and original musical creations of the 70s, the sublime "concert in Cologne" (Köln concert) that Keith Jarrett recorded in 1975.
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