1915 April 8 {1915}

Paolo Bandinu

The video present the atmosphere of Italy's entry in WWI, and offer an example of two opposing and parallel realities, that tell on one side the Belle Époque society between social gathering and valzer, with a clear movie refer to A Birth of a Nation by David Wark Griffith (1915); on the other side, a fantastic and out-of-focus proof of conflict, with some cross references to historic events of 1915 like naval battle (Gallipoli, 1915 february 9) and other plausible scenarios represented by a foxhole clash with guns and gas. The two worlds, apparently so far, flow in a unarmonic bond, intertwining in one flow of images, passing from those rich of joyful suggestions, full of liveliness, dances and colors, to those more dark and desolate, reduced to essential and strikinf figures, that live in a symbolic dimension in destruction scenario.
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