Surface {1932}

Maarit Murka (Murka)

The artist is focusing on not the historic facts from 1932, but is applying them on a modern form. The video "Surface" demonstrates the abuse of children. Back then, the topic was extreme taboo, being one of the first adult type films published, starring Shirley Temple as a baby burlesque star. Up to this day, this kind of abuse has been popular with child molesters, to toddlers being dressed and covered with make up and presented in public by their parents in order to be awarded or humiliated. They satisfy their personal need for fame by showing off their children, often forcing the child to exit the innocence of childhood and enter into the harsh adult life. Artist is playing with the model, dressing her up, doing her hair, covering her in fake tan - resulting in a devastated personality, who refuses to model or even to finalise the photo shoot. Murka herself has been always hiding in the background, being afraid of being put in the spotlight. As a child she was constantly put on a pedestal, resulting an insecure personality, physical disorders and fainting.
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