Déjà vu {1934}

Loredana Raciti

Twists and Turns of History 1934/2014 "We agree, history never repeats itself in the same way, but as not to see the similarities, analogies between what was in 1934 and what is happening today? Adolf Hitler in 1934 after the death of President Paul von Hindenburg, was attributed by law the title of Führer and Reich Chancellor. Concentrating in his hands the powers of the state and establishing a dictatorship. Thanks to a powerful and effective program of economic restructuring and military rearmament, Hitler pursued a foreign policy extremely aggressive, aimed mainly to expand the Lebensraum (living space) at the expense of German populations in Eastern Europe. In a series of acts of defiance to the international community. What will be our next "Regime-Vampire", our neighborhood "Dictator-Bloodshed "? A country? A syndicate of banks? Few nations who will manage the entire world economy? Another similarity is what has happened in Spain and the popular insurrection (Asturias) in 1934. Today, as then, state repression was hard and violent. In 1934 it was entrusted to General Franco. Further on softening of traditional abstention position of Spanish that was the basis of the electoral victory (1936) of the popular front and made possible by the promise of the latter to set free all the prisoners in case of victory. History has taught us that the election conquest last the space of a day if the interlocutor is deaf, dumb and blind. The same situation with reversed roles , is repeated today. The movement of outraged born in 2011, has impressed actuality, vitality and impetus to the tradition abstention / Spanish anarchist clearing that the choices of the right wing would have struck back: by fight. The stock market collapses in Wall Street in 1929, eighty years later in 2008, it happens same thing, although less perceived because the U.S. government covers the crash by financing the banks, but there is a striking resemblance between the years of 1934 / 1937 and 2008/2011. The race of the bear Market that began in October 1934 and lasted until August of 1937 in 35 months raised the Dow Jones 90 to 185, a gain of 106%, then Dow Jones fell recovered only seven years later in 1944. The similarity with this most recent is incredible: the race of the bear market starts in March 2009, lasting 33 months and so far has brought the Dow Jones to close near to 100%. If the current run of the bear market will follow the same route as that from 1934 to 1937, the aftermath of the next leg of the bear market may be much worse than the Great Depression, the fact that the production and economic growth has shifted to markets of Asia and Latin America. The Western economy is slowing, the unemployment rate has soared, banks are still in chaos but in power supported by the institutions of individual states. The United States is an excellent subject for study because what happens there is then replicated in Europe. So you have another question: "The euro is in the same terms as the U.S. dollar?" Things in Europe are much worse than reported in the Main Stream Media. The austerity measures are difficult to sell in Europe. Year 2013 will be a year of protests even more vigorous, thanks to increasing austerity measures that will be introduced. Definitively , the euro will fail? And with it the economy of the countries most at risk? Greece, Spain, Italy ... If you allow that their governments continue to spend more than what they cash , what will happen? "We agree history never repeats itself in the same way." Year 1934, the question remains: "is a Déjà vu? which will become obviously striking in Year 2014?" We are the demons of ourselves. The conflict, the political games are within us. If there are not solved, cannot be solved anywhere else. All the answers are incomplete. Our awareness can testify the things that make up the world. The world will end, but the mirror will remain, and reflect nothing, and as the stars we will mirror our death. Déjà vu Déjà vu, the video moves deliberately within an artistic and stylistic "citatory". A collage of images that make up a story, an urban legend pulled out from the most beautiful film movies made by the great Masters of international cinema, who created through historical events artistic masterpieces, able to report many facts of history in its many facets: from chronicle to irony, fantasy inspired by reality, assumption, and from the grotesque to dramatic. Every point of view is taken from "camera film" unequivocally inviting to reflection. Art was created as an expression of cultural and social life, it cannot be detached from this objectivity, it is like saying that a water spring does not become a river or tributary that eventually finds its way to gush into the sea. Déjà vu looks into the shadows of the past, inevitably for a succession of events of spiral paths and "circular", these "shadows", similar to ghosts, again, become body and materialize in our contemporary space-time, we bring into question, in comparison with something already seen, experienced by other generations but not yet metabolized and processed as if we were not capable of a historical memory that allows us finally to get out from repetition of life and attitudes that are always the same. Not taking into consideration that through the spirit of time without understanding and respecting is an act of violence towards ourselves undermining our very existence. Déjà vu is and remains a video / art but with all his natural passion and predisposition of seeing life as a social and cultural need, the source, the spring, the life that flows in the wide sea. It has often been said that the only thing that does not change in the world is change itself. Life is constantly changing, evolving, dies and reborn. All opposites play a part in this vast circular pattern. If we cling to the outer edge of the wheel, we feel a sense of vertigo! Let's move to the center of the cyclone and just relax, knowing that this too shall pass. Life repeats itself forgetful of events, if we do not become aware, it will keep repeating like a wheel.
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