Peripheral history {1944}

Alejandro Ramírez (Alejandro Ramirez)

Through careful reedition of archive documentaries on the 1944 allied landing at Normandy, "Peripheral History" formulates an alternative account to the historical discourse. The resultant video focuses mainly on the periphery of images. This historic images have been altered and re-framed in order to show fragments of landscape normally rejected or forgotten by the eye. In an attempt to reach further than the conventional narrative, the images stripped of all political and ideological load, divert onto a conceptually pictorial level. We are not looking at reality through the camera's perspective, we are actually facing a synthesis of the very image. A reality willing eagerly to contemplate the surrounding fringes, where we find the auxiliary, the non happening action but still there in its own right: the anecdote, the mere transient nature, the unimportant, and yet, standing on their own merits.
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