Joie de vivre {1907}

Silvia De Gennaro

1907: we are in the “Belle Epoque”, far from the last war and unaware of what is coming next. "Joie de vivre" is the motto that seems to pervade Europe, and especially Paris, its cultural capital. Licentiousness of manners and experimentation in the technical and artistic fields accompany this a little over the top year. In Vienna, Gustav Klimt is in the midst of his golden period, in Paris, Matisse throws scandal with his "Blue Nude" and Picasso paints “Les Demoiselles d'Avignon”, the painting that marks the birth of Cubism. Time and space take on new dimensions and the car becomes the star of the year with the Beijing – Paris Raid, one of the first global media events in history. But, behind all this, the problems that prepare the tragic events of the future begin to take root: a major global economic crisis and harsh social conflicts. With the Anglo-Russian alliance the Triple Entente is born, determining the chessboard on which the Great War will be played. To cast a further sinister shadow, it was in this year that it was decided to build the ship called "Titanic” in London. And the1907, bearing the splendor of the first class and discomfort of migrants in the hold, obliviously meet its fate, as the Titanic did.
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